Hello and welcome everyone to this our flash report 🙂

Let the African drums roll! And the rock and roll guitars blast! Let the melancholic mandolinas fill the space and the Spanish guitar mark the beat! Welcome to our Children`s Week Celebrations at MEÇ Levent!

Incredible events took place last week. We, the foreign teachers, took it upon ourselves to share with the little ones a bit of our history abroad: be it our heritage, our culture or just our passion for a specific culture, in open sessions we took turns to talk to the whole school. What a great feeling to belong to such a school where we are all just one big classroom. The journey took us from the most remote South Africa on a poaching-free safari to Central Europe where we got to play with an actual piñata in Spain and dance and play the different rhythms of the boot-like country Italy.

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While there, we couldn´t miss the opportunity to taste gelato and try our voices at some opera singing 🙂

Foto 3

Musical hearts we have and that became obvious as we kept on going North to England and The Beatles’ beats filled the room: nothing finer than to hear our little ones go hoarse from repeating: “I’m the walrus!!” 🙂 but not everything is fun, there are moments to be serious and we take them as such.


Meeting the Queen was certainly one of those moments and we definitely rose to the occasion: we dressed up and got our tea cups ready. Raise your pinky fingers and hail the Queen! Just kidding 😉

Lots of action while visiting different countries but also lots of action in our own garden: a colourful Rainbow Party! Our Rainbow Party brought all different colours and all different ages too: older ones not just competing with but also showing the smaller ones the way 🙂

Foto 5

And the picnic!!!

Foto 8

And the guests!!!

Foto 7

Yes! You read correctly: guests! The children from the Arnavutköy Campus came over on Friday to participate in our picnic. Talk about big siblings!  Big indeed but never too big to ignore our great sandbox or our charming jungle gym 🙂 of course, size goes both ways: we may be small but not too small to be intimidated by their big games. We had paid our big siblings a visit the day prior and the big jungle gym was our delight.


Time flew by going up the ladders and down the slides 🙂

What a week! As we get ready to wrap it all up, we look back and we smile. The thought that has ever been present in our minds becomes even more omnipresent: How lucky we are to be amongst such great ever-wondering-curious MEÇ children !


Luis Guillermo Mansilla


English Teacher



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